Bob Copeland was recently featured as the "New Hampshire Artist of the Year" in TOSCA, a wonderful glossy arts magazine published in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul). The Winter edition contains the second version of the "American Artist Series".

Here's the link to the TOSCA site:

If you go the the site you'll see a link to "See Winter 2012 Issue". That will get you a pdf of the entire issue. If you use the pdf scroll bar at the bottom, go to p. 27 for Publisher Gail Weber's short item describing what "American Artists" is all about. Bob's first painting and story is on p. 29, then there's another pastel on p. 32. But sample the whole magazine to get a flavor of what it's all about - every conceivable art goings-on in the Twin Cities area!

Bob was also recently featured on Chronicle's "Mystery Main Streets" on February 27th. This show highlighted Littleton, New Hampshire. To see the show in it's entirety follow these links: